Dino Wall Decor

Dino Head

I love strange wall decor. Between me and my boyfriend we have a silver pug head, a tiki mask ad wall plaques form a Koren B&B. Not to mention all the art  and vinyl toys we have on our walls and bookshelves. I absolutely love this. It is plastic. But it looks so cool. And for the price ($79.99) it’s a really good deal. Measures about 15x10x13.5. Unfortunately its sold out right now. But fingers crossed it will be back in stock soon.

Found here: Dino Head (Roar)


Tribal Owl

Tribal Owl

I drew this for a friend of mine. He originally wanted a sugar skull but vetoed anything involving flowers and swirls lol So, somehow it mutated into this.
The arrows stand for friendship.
The sun for life and a new beginning.
And the two diamonds with in a diamond stands for wisdom.
The diamond that was left on the forehead was leftover for another owl tattoo that I made for his sister.
Its probably one of the few things I put a lot of effort into. And I still think it needs a little work lol

If you wanna track me on DeviantArt my link is below. I’m still New and I don’t have much up yet. But I hope I can add more soon


Aztec Owl

Aztec Owl

An Aztec inspired owl a drew for a friends sister that she wants to get as a tattoo. I know it has a lot going on. But I like it. It took me a long time to get things even. But every now and then I still notice things are a bit off (like the missing circle in the wing) lol. I really like it. I was actually thinking about screen printing it on a over-sized grey tank in a neon pink or green. Ill upload it if I ever get around to doing it.
This is the sister to the Tribal all I also drew for a friend.
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Tegan White – Art

Tegan White. She makes the best Nature/Animal related art I’ve seen. Some adorable and cutesy and some more on the realistic side. Below is just two of the pictures I adore. If you like her work you can shop her store at Society6  where you can find everything from prints to cell phone covers to T-shirts and pillows. Or view her work at Deviant Art. Check it out!  ^_^

Tegan White Art