Update: Mens vintage style haircut

Mens vintage style haircut

So Andrew finally got his haircut. It’s a little high on the top for my liking. But he says he likes it that way.

I might not be that against the hair. But he also has a handlebar mustache that I’m not crazy over. So between the haircut and the handlebars I’m not crazy over this look. He needs to keep one or the other. Having two strong looks on one face makes it look like your screaming for attention. I’ve been begging him for the past three years to cut it off but it doesn’t look like he cares.

Again, that’s just my opinion. I’m a little disappointed in how this came out.

The picture below is just a picture of him with his handlebars. So you can get an Idea of what the two together look like




Water Spotted & Water Marble Nails

I have yet to try this. But I have tried water marbling my nails following the tutorials on CutePolish. She has amazing videos. So, if you love nail art and haven’t heard of her yet. Then watch her videos. I’m sure the will have some great tips for you.

Water Spotted Nails


Water Marbled Nails

Mens vintage style haircut

I convinced my boyfriend to get the same haircut as the guy in this picture. I found it on Tumbler. I can’t remember who I got it from. So, I can’t give credit where credit is due. I just think it’s a really nice look on a man. It almost reminds me of a look from the 40’s but with a new twist. Love it! 🙂

Mens haircut