Dino Wall Decor

Dino Head

I love strange wall decor. Between me and my boyfriend we have a silver pug head, a tiki mask ad wall plaques form a Koren B&B. Not to mention all the art  and vinyl toys we have on our walls and bookshelves. I absolutely love this. It is plastic. But it looks so cool. And for the price ($79.99) it’s a really good deal. Measures about 15x10x13.5. Unfortunately its sold out right now. But fingers crossed it will be back in stock soon.

Found here: Dino Head (Roar)


Reverse Stencil DIY


Reverse stenciling.  I think this is one of the coolest DIY projects I’ve seen in a long time. I think it’s a great way to make some of those flea market finds look really unique. I just wish I had a dresser or maybe even a nightstand I could do it on.
Found on : flor.com

Spoon Lights.

I saw these spoon lights a while back designed by Francois Legault. I think they would make great accent lighting for over a bar in the kitchen or dining table. I just wonder how hot they get. And can you make your own out of a light cord kit, cheap spoons from a dollar store and maybe some wire? Regardless I think they are really pretty.

Spoon light

Upcycling: Pallets

I love the look of pallet furniture. I just wonder where people get all the pallets from.

1.  Pallet bookshelf     2.  Pallet wall

3. Pallet shelf  4. Pallet steps

5.  Pallet-headboard2  6.  Pallet chair

1. Pallet Bookshelf

2. Pallet Wall.  I think that would make an awesome accent wall.

3. Pallet Shelf

4. Pallet Step. I just wonder how safe that is. Maybe its my paranoia kicking in. But I think it needs a rail. Maybe one made from black plumbers pipe so it keeps with the upcycling theme. Also it keeps with the industrial look.

5. Pallet Headboard. Out of all the ideas I’d want to make this one the most. The only thing I’m scared of is getting a pallet that’s treated with chemicals.

6. Pallet Chair. I think this would look awesome outside.

A few tips on working with pallets by Funky Junk