Update: Mens vintage style haircut

Mens vintage style haircut

So Andrew finally got his haircut. It’s a little high on the top for my liking. But he says he likes it that way.

I might not be that against the hair. But he also has a handlebar mustache that I’m not crazy over. So between the haircut and the handlebars I’m not crazy over this look. He needs to keep one or the other. Having two strong looks on one face makes it look like your screaming for attention. I’ve been begging him for the past three years to cut it off but it doesn’t look like he cares.

Again, that’s just my opinion. I’m a little disappointed in how this came out.

The picture below is just a picture of him with his handlebars. So you can get an Idea of what the two together look like




Tribal Owl

Tribal Owl

I drew this for a friend of mine. He originally wanted a sugar skull but vetoed anything involving flowers and swirls lol So, somehow it mutated into this.
The arrows stand for friendship.
The sun for life and a new beginning.
And the two diamonds with in a diamond stands for wisdom.
The diamond that was left on the forehead was leftover for another owl tattoo that I made for his sister.
Its probably one of the few things I put a lot of effort into. And I still think it needs a little work lol

If you wanna track me on DeviantArt my link is below. I’m still New and I don’t have much up yet. But I hope I can add more soon


Aztec Owl

Aztec Owl

An Aztec inspired owl a drew for a friends sister that she wants to get as a tattoo. I know it has a lot going on. But I like it. It took me a long time to get things even. But every now and then I still notice things are a bit off (like the missing circle in the wing) lol. I really like it. I was actually thinking about screen printing it on a over-sized grey tank in a neon pink or green. Ill upload it if I ever get around to doing it.
This is the sister to the Tribal all I also drew for a friend.
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